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The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan DNF, but let me explain.

My top 3 thoughts from not finishing this book:

1. How many freaking times does one have to read "Unconsecrated"? Can we not just start calling them U's or Unconsies after awhile? Incredibly annoying to read... OR JUST CALL 'EM WHAT THEY ARE, ZOMBIES!

2. I never read Twilight, but I would imagine that Mary and Bella have a very similar internal monologue... "Wahhh I want what I can't have. Wahhh I disguise my selfish desires in cutesy pining and whining that teenage girls identify with. Wahhh I want to go to the beach and get away from here."

3. Why are we making a movie? ... Oh yeah, TWILIGHT.. Nevermind.

Severely disappointed after reading 100 pages of this, as it's one of the more popularly recommended zombie books.. But of course, Twilight is exactly that for vampires so I guess I should take my recommendations a little more carefully because that's exactly what this is to me. Throw one zombie attack into the first 100 pages (other than Mary's mother being attacked because that happens off the page, of course), and I bet I'm still reading right now. But it was too important to kill my concentration by saying Unconsecrated 15,000 times instead of killing ONE zombie with a sharpened tree branch to make this book about more than a silly teenage girl's ability, or inability at times, to fulfill herself with self-centered decisions and thoughts.

If I was Unconsecrated, my single goal in life would be to climb the fence into Mary's world, take her hostage, and then demand that the Sisters of Middle-of-the-Forest-Land take me to their leader so I can make her say Unconsecrated five times fast and then laugh as they let me walk out the front door because they don't kill zombies in this world.

The Village + Twilight + UNCONSECRATED = The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

And before you comment and say "well plenty of people die later!" or "there's all kinds of zombie attacks later!", note that I don't care after reading 100 pages of Twilight knock-off trash. The only way I'd go back and finish this book, is if I knew that Mary died a horrible Unconsecrated death and became Unconsecrated herself and then was no longer able to think the word Unconsecrated to herself when thinking about Unconsecrated in her might-as-well-have-been Unconsecrated mind. I've looked up the ending, and it seems that anything but that happens, and no one seemed all too pleased with it ANYWAY so I'll just spare myself the time and effort on this one.

Perfect summary for this book in one word: Unconcentration.