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Ex-Patriots: A Novel

Ex-Patriots  - Peter Clines The first book set up this book so well. So entertaining, and a pretty great story for a super hero zombie mash-up. And now the second book has pretty well set up a third book. Really looking forward to whatever this series has to offer. The heroes are all nearly carbon copies of the likes of Superman, Batman, etc., but they all have different personalities and the villains that they are put up against are perfect. The best thing about these books are the adversity and challenges the heroes face that are very unique to the world Clines has created. It's not a gigantic monster or all-powerful being attacking the heroes, but something in the middle ground that is an intelligent enemy for them to face as opposed to physically strong. Throw in zombies, or "exes" for good measure, and this is a great new zombie series from author Peter Clines.