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The Strain, Volume 2 - David Lapham, Sierra Hahn, Mike Huddleston Again my reviews of this graphic novel series may be a little biased because they're based off of one of my favorite books, but I enjoyed the second volume of The Strain. The only problems for me is that two things that were big to me in the book, are lost in translation here in this comic book interpretation. The fact that the recently turned seek out their loved ones is not even explained really and just assumed, when in the book it's a very big part of the story and finding Eph's son Zack. I wish it would have been touched on a little more for those who haven't read the book, because it was part of what made the story different. The other thing I disliked but sort of liked at the same time is that The Master was finally given a face, and a look. In the book he is vaguely described enough to let your imagination fill in the blanks and it's a very terrifying image. In the comic he's pretty much drawn out to be about as evil a vampire as you can get, and while it's cool to see how scary he was supposed to look, your imagination can almost always think of something more terrifying. The art is pretty much the same as the first go around, at times kind of cartoon-looking for the story but I can tolerate it because it still looks good. Both of these volumes of The Strain have read fairly fast too, so I know there's a lot missing from the books but it's a very good adaptation and easy to read.

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