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Aspho Fields - Karen Traviss So pretty much the only reason I want to read these is because I love Gears of War, I do have both the Gears and Locust symbols tattooed on me, so that's all the proof you need. I won't sit here and describe the games to you, but I will say the even the game itself had a really great storyline and as it continued into a trilogy of games it became an absolutely epic story. It is so good and I would think it'd make a great movie but at the same time it could end up being something really corny with aliens fighting humans, but the great story from the games provides enough reason for reading this book. I think a person haven't never played the games would get quite an entirely different experience when reading Aspho Fields because they don't have the knowledge of the games to pick up on things, know the multitude of characters, and even what these locations look like. I would be interested to hear the opinion of someone who hasn't played them, but it seems that it's fairly well reviewed book and has obviously becomes a series of five currently. I love the character depth they add to Marcus Fenix and how he always was and will be the ultimate bad ass, Dom as well. Dom was the deepest character in the games as Marcus' best friend and a man who has truly suffered all of the worst in the new future. You really get an understanding for how all of that came about as this game takes place over a decade before E-Day which is when the Locust invaded and where the simultaneous present storyline happens alongside it. I could see how it would be confusing at some points as it did do so to me on occasion when reading but overall I enjoyed the book because it added to the plot of the games. I am sure that if there are five books already it must be somewhat good, so I will definitely continue reading. If you like military or action type books, with a small bit of science fiction maybe because the Locust aren't in this book all that much but a few times it seemed.

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