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Saga, Volume 2 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples I briefly reviewed the first volume of Saga on Goodreads earlier this year, and the main point I made was how original it was. I still feel the same way after reading the second volume. It just amazes me at how original a comic can be, without borrowing a single thing from any noticeable sources. Alana and Marko are in love, but aren't supposed to be, and now they have a child to take care of. The books are told through the eyes of Hazel, their daughter, but most of the stories take place in the past and chronicle their relationship as it grows and rebuilds itself after each bickering argument between the two. This volume leaves Alana with Marko's parents, as Marko's father is faced with meeting his granddaughter and revealing a secret about himself that he hasn't told anyone. The stuff that is illustrated on the page is just bonkers. The giant ogre and his tiny little dingaling is just one example I can think of because it's permanently burned into my brain, that just shows how zany and sometimes unfortunately creative this series can be. Everything about Saga is awesome, original, and downright fun. Not to mention, the writing is absolutely on point, as every little argument and statement seems so authentic from each character, it's hard to believe they're from a completely different universe. I recommend this to anyone over the age of 18, as the comic contains highly adult material. This is probably the most adult comic I have ever read, and I'm extremely interested to read Y: The Last Man now after loving Saga so much.

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