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Deadpool Killustrated - Matteo Lolli, Cullen Bunn Considering that I'm fairly new to the character of Deadpool in writing, all of this material just seems absolutely great to me. Anything Deadpool I read at the moment I would love, because I don't have a lot of experience with the character. Now, I do think this is supposed to be one of the more fun comics with Deadpool, and there are obvious reasons why. After his killing spree through the Marvel universe, which I have yet to read, Deadpool sets his sights on the characters that inspired the creation of all the heroes and villains in the Marvel universe. Thus, Deadpool takes his dead fleshy self to the "Ideaverse" as he likes to call it, where all things fictional come to creation. What is awesome about this book is that Deadpool literally goes all through classic literature and starts knocking off popular characters and worlds one by one. The covers actually do a pretty good job of showing how this book is meant to be taken, and it's really just another example of why Deadpool is so much fun. He's very self aware as well as aware of the reader reading the book, and his whole personality revolves around that. This book is the strongest of the two I've read in showing how Deadpool is a conscious character, aware that he's in a fictional world, and because of that it's really funny. This book is definitely for adults too, so if you're a fan of Marvel and want a good character to read, Deadpool is your guy.

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