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The New Deadwardians - Dan Abnett, I.N.J. Culbard Anything British is usually not my cup of tea, but I wanted to read this because of the involvement of zombies, obviously. I wasn't expecting to love the story, but I figured that I would at least enjoy the undead aspects of the story. What I got was a very well-rounded tale of Chief Inspector George Suttle, who is one of the young, which most of us would call a vampire. He sets upon a case to solve the murder of a well off man in the new Deadwardian Age, and in doing so begins the investigation into his own life after spending countless years losing any desire to do so. What this graphic novel does really well is support its protagonist Suttle, as his story is told through narration of his own and then the events that take place in his surroundings. Funny enough that it was the love story aspect of this book that I took a liking to, as usually that's something that when included in a story of horror or undeath, I do not find suiting. But for this story, it was perfectly aligned with Suttle's investigation into a murder, as well as his own existence. The art is not exactly phenomenal in this book, as I've seen some others point out in their own reviews, but it does a good enough job to help the story along. It's not the most detailed work, but it is all there, and the zombies and vampires all have their particular looks. I would most definitely say that if you are a fan of British mystery, the undead, and adult graphic novels, you should pick up this book. Even if British oriented stories aren't your thing, this may be worth checking out, as I found it entirely enjoyable and I'm hoping that Dan Abnett has an opportunity to continue the splendid story of George Suttle, the Young who renews his desire for life and happiness in solving Scotland Yard's new kind of crime.

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