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FF - Volume 1: Fantastic Faux (Marvel Now) (Fantastic Four)

FF - Volume 1: Fantastic Faux (Marvel Now) (Fantastic Four) - Matt Fraction I love Pym hacking the teenagers' phones and accounts and humiliating them online as revenge for what they had done earlier in the volume, which was similarly hacking one of the FF. That was just great, and his comment that "I'm not Reed Richards. Change your passwords boys." LOL! This book is actually really great, mainly because of the awesome character development with Bentley, Pym, Jen, and the rest of the crew. I would recommend it to Fantastic Fans, Marvel fans, and those who like Matt Fraction's Hawkeye as it is kind of similar in writing style and with the art. The art doesn't wow me, but it gets the job done and has a retro look to it. This book is definitely fun, and not as serious as some of the other titles out in Marvel NOW!