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The Lost Boy

The Lost Boy - Greg Ruth The Lost Boy is not anything out of the ordinary, especially when it comes to teen fiction. It’s a story of a young man who moves into a new place with his family, but finds himself lost in his new environment. Struggling to find a place, or person, to help begin constructing his new home, Nate Castle (the book’s protagonist) immerses himself in a mystery left behind by those who came before him. Through a series of old tape recordings he finds in the floorboards of his new house, Nate embarks on a journey to discover the boy who left the strange recordings and where he went. The mystery follows Nate as he follows in the footsteps of Walt’s recorded words, and discovers a new world full of mysterious talking creatures that want a key that they believe he has. Nate befriends Tabitha, who is kind of a tomboy and adventurous soul, and has experience with the mystery of Walter Pidgin. Through the adventures he meets new friends, crosses the path of unknown enemies, and fights through a whole new world to discover the Lost Boy. The book does an extraordinary job at taking concepts like moving to a new place at a young age, and struggling to find yourself as an individual, and putting them in an imaginative way that speaks to the age group the author is writing for. The art is not done in color, which will sway some kids from reading it, but the black and white inking is excellent, top notch work. This is definitely an age appropriate, action/adventure fantasy graphic novel that will keep teens interested throughout their journey with Nate and Tabitha as they discover the origin of the Lost Boy.