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Daredevil: Guardian Devil

Daredevil: Guardian Devil - Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada At first, I was bored. Then I started to think, damn every graphic novel of Kevin Smith's I've read, I've felt the same at first. There's so much writing and story and background that I almost don't care enough to read. But then I get about halfway through the book AND all those things from the first half start hitting and connecting in the second. I think Smith's traditional style of writing for scripts with movies probably helps with this, but I think it's awesome. Not everyone is able to do such a thing successfully in graphic novels and he seems to have a pretty steady track record in my eyes, now that I've read most of his work other than Green Hornet. Loved where this volume ended up, especially when I thought about 50 pages in that I'd give this 3 stars... KEVIN SMITH RULES!