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Batman Incorporated, Vol. 1: Demon Star - Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, Frazer Irving, Andres Guinaldo It was only two weeks ago when I reviewed Joe the Barbarian by Grant Morrison and really loved it. I remember saying how I had a love/hate relationship with the author because his work in comics is typically outstanding, however there are some characters he just doesn't get as good of a grip on. Batman is not one of those characters, as Morrison was seemingly meant to write Batman stories for DC. Though the writing at times is a bit confusing, and the story can lose you (especially in some of the other Batman arcs) there's just something so special about his way with the Bat. Some of his Batman arcs have been among the most liked by the fans, and I often see his name in my list of Top 10 Batman graphic novels. He has an outstanding vision for the character, and brings a darker edge to the comic than has ever been previously explored except by a Frank Miller, whom I have the same relationship with.

This is technically the second volume of Batman Incorporated, as the first volume came out pre-New 52 but it definitely leads into this story. Another outstanding entry into Morrison's Bat-folio, and it's amazing that his story is continuing to unfold across several Gotham titles including this one. The end of Demon Star is most definitely a cliffhanger if I've ever read one, and now I absolutely cannot wait for the second New 52 volume of Batman Incorporated! Also, Chris Burnham deserves a round of applause for the outstanding art in this book. It has several looks throughout, but he does a great job at bringing Morrison's vision to life much like the artists before him have been capable. It's almost as if Grant brings the best work out of people in his books, and maybe they in turn do the same for him. All I know is that this should have been called Demon Stars, because it's worth way more than just one. Yeah, I'm clever so what.

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