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Aquaman, Vol. 2: The Others (The New 52)

Aquaman, Vol. 2: The Others - Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado After the stellar debut of Aquaman under the New 52 title, it was a big question as to whether or not one of the famed comic authors Geoff Johns could keep going full steam ahead with a character that seemed dead in the water. Aquaman has always had the stigma of being fruity, or lame, or just plain dumb as a super hero that comes from the depths of the ocean. I for one, was never a huge fan of the character, but Johns has brought such life to the character in these new volumes that it's definitely amongst some of my favorite titles now. In the first volume, The Trench, I was extremely impressed by not only the introductory story to the character but also the detailed and beautiful art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. This wasn't a title I expected to like at all, but after this second volume, it's been proved enough to me that the first was no fluke. The art again was completely breathtaking from regularly paneled pages, to the amazing covers and even the double page panels. The characters are all perfectly illustrated and just the attention to detail with all of the aquatic elements is just amazing. One thing that I really loved about this volume that the first volume didn't have was the story with The Others, and one in particular named Prisoner. I've never heard of him before but his storyline ending at the end was kind of touching, and really great and added to the story of Aquaman himself and who he's become. I'd highly recommend Aquaman to any of the New 52 fans out there looking for the better titles, and anyone looking for an overlooked series because this could easily be one of them for most. Geoff Johns, you are one of the masters. Not anyone could do what he's done with the character, and that's make the silly Aquaman character into a complete and total badass.

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