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The Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk - Greg Pak, Aaron Lopresti, Carlo Pagulayan, Juan Santacruz, Gary Frank, Takeshi Miyazawa To say that I'm a Hulk-sized fan of The Incredible Hulk would be incorrect, though I do put a lot of value to the character. I was one of few who was impressed by his appearances in film recently, but I haven't read too many comics. Planet Hulk was one of the first I've ever read, and I have to say I was pretty blown away. The story is great, Hulk has been launched off to another, more primitive planet, and has to make a new life and name for himself. But he doesn't just find one name on this new planet, he finds many because of the many people's lives he touches upon arrival. This is a really cool original story for the Hulkster, and obviously it really wouldn't work for much anyone else in the Marvel universe. I geeked a little bit when the Hulk and Silver Savage did battle, and the fact that Savage was using the surfboard as a shield was just plain badass. With this, I would definitely continue into reading some more original Hulk stories as this one has done a lot to surprise me. Hulk is a great character, and I never really saw him that way until I read this and then the bit written at the end by the author saying how great of a story Planet Hulk is for him and truly displays his potential for fiction and sequential art. This is a must-read for any Marvel or Hulk fans looking for a new book, or possibly non-Marvel fans looking for a good book to get into.

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