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Plague Town: An Ashley Parker Novel

Plague Town - Dana Fredsti I have been wanting to read this series for a long time because it's one of the higher rated zombie series out. At first, I fell in love with Plague Town because of the chatty protagonist, Ashley Parker. She is very reminiscent of someone like Buffy but in a world full of zombies. Her sarcasm and quick thinking really provide a lot of entertainment at the beginning of the book. However, as Plague Town progresses it is plagued with a lot of unnecessary dialogue and just little to no action. I'm not an action fiend but I just don't feel like there was a whole lot to the story and it was just Ashley and the Wild Cards against the apocalypse. Also, the story with Ashley and Gabriel is just strange and I will never understand how these relationships come to be in books when the lead male interest is a dick. This is urban fantasy, with zombies, and a charming female lead but outside of that there really wasn't much left to enjoy, at least for me. Definitely for fans of zombies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I don't know about who else.

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