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Shadowman, Volume 1: Birth Rites - Justin Jordan, Patrick Zircher I have been a huge fan of all the Valiant titles thus far that I've read, and I didn't expect anything different from this. Shadowman proves to be the darkest title that I've read from this line so far, and that's saying something considering the titles that surround it. Bloodshot has consistently been a very dark title since the beginning, but even this shows that Valiant can get even darker that it already has. The story is actually very great too, finding Jack Boniface searching for answers about his past, his family, and his new life. The power of Shadowman is only tapped on in this volume, as it serves mostly as an introduction, but it seems that the threats he could face soon will be near apocalyptic. The villain is Darque, and he only appears for a few frames but will be the big challenge that Jack will face in the next volume. I really enjoyed this story, and it's really easy to hop right into. Also, the art is beautiful yet haunting, with the main villain Mr. Twist of this book being consisted of sacrificed flesh. His powers seem to be to take control of anyone he can get his flesh into, but I'm sure there is more to be discovered as he turns out to be a part of a bigger plan. I also like the monkey that resides in Darkside, which is where Shadowman and others draw their powers from. In the end, this is another brilliant entry into the Valiant line and you can consider me a fan of the Shadowman. Must read for fans of Valiant, and darker comics, this is the original kind of work us graphic novel readers are looking for.

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