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Nova, Vol. 1: Origin

Nova, Vol.1: Origin - Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines, Marte Garcia Before this book, I had never read anything about or involving the character Nova. This book gives a great introduction into the original Nova and then follows with the story of the new Nova for Marvel NOW! I really like how accessible this character is even after the first issue contained in this volume. This was also an introduction to the Guardians of the Galaxy for me, which was nice to see previous to the Guardians of the Galaxy film coming out soon from Marvel. Rocket Raccoon was actually a really funny character, and also pretty tough, which was just cool to see in a comic book of this quality. I think Jeph Loeb having written this title is probably a pretty big reason as to why it is so good, because he's a pretty well-proven writer for comics at this point. The art is also great, and overall this volume of Nova is really impressive for a Marvel NOW! title. Easily one of the best of the NOW! initiative, Nova sets out to the stars and beyond for fans of Marvel. I'm not even that big on Marvel comics ever taking place in space, but this one had it all going right.

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