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Earth 2 Vol. 2: The Tower of Fate (The New 52)

Earth 2, Vol. 2: The Tower of Fate - James Robinson, Nicola Scott, Yildaray Cinar I wish there would have been more of the GGL (Gay Green Lantern) storyline because that was easily the best part of the first volume. I wasn't really all that into the Earth 2 Flash, and this volume was a bit confusing and slow at times. It may have been that it has been awhile since I've read the first volume of Earth 2, but I do think part of it was a bit confusing. The art is phenomenal and as it's been brought to my attention, all done by a female artist which is pretty awesome. The art is definitely great, but the story leaves a lot to be desired. There was brief mention of the loss of GGL's partner which was probably the best part of this book, because I find Alan Scott the most interesting character in this title.